How Is The World Of Computing Changing?

Myles Bunyard computersThe world of computing has rapidly changed since its beginning. For many years, things focuses around creating smaller and more powerful devices — but computers largely remained things that stayed in offices and on desks. Laptops changed that, and smart phones changed that further. The reemergence of tablets now threatens to make desktop computers obsolete.

Today, computing is changing even further. Things that were once attached by wires and located at a business location are now cloud-based — and even company computer gurus may not know exactly where their outsourced projects are stored. They’re simply “in the cloud”.

Computers are also finally making the transition into devices of other types. While once robots were machines that ran off desktop or mainframe computers, today’s robots are self-contained devices that run without intervention in some cases. Devices can also reprogram themselves with minimal human intervention, making science-fiction-like intelligent machines a real possibility in the not-so-distant future.

Also changing is how humans interact with their devices. Keyboards are becoming less necessary, touch screens now seem like old technology and devices that respond well to complicated voice commands are already available. Even eye blinks and expressions can now convey messages to computers, allowing for uses of these machines far beyond what those who created the field of computing could have ever imagined.